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Mobile Shelving

mobile shelving system

High Density Mobile Shelving

For storage areas where space is at a premium, ShelvingDirect's Fineline shelving can be configured as a mobile storage system

Compared to a static system comprising an equal number of bays, mobile systems use half the floor space. Our mobile bases are specifically designed and manufactured for your project to ensure they meet your exact requirements. A detailed site survey of the proposed storage area is undertaken and CAD layouts of the proposed system are provided. Fineline mobile systems are modular, enabling easy installation, addition and alteration. The mobile base is designed to sit directly on to any floor surface without the need for fixing to the interior of the building. If the system needs relocating this can be completed without damage to the floor. 

Fineline mobile units are moved with the minimum of effort utilising ergonomically designed hand wheels geared to allow ease of movement. Hand wheels incorporate safety locks to ensure bays can be locked in place while each aisle is accessed.

Configuration examples

Finline static      Fineline mobile      Fineline double mobile
Figure 1: Static
Area used: 6.4m x 4.0m
Storage capacity = 192m

  Figure 2: Mobile
Area used: 3.2m x 4.0m
Storage capacity = 192m
This option uses half the space but provides the
same capacity as the static option (Fig. 1).
  Figure 3: Double mobile
Area used: 6.4m x 4.0m
Storage capacity = 384m
This option uses the same amount of space but
provides twice the capacity as the static option (Fig. 1)

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