Imagine the perfect warehouse. Chances are you are picturing rows of shelving with every part and component neatly stacked and clearly labelled, floors are free from obstructions, and everything is easy to locate when you need it.

In truth this is often not the case. Shelving is often over-filled, boxes are piled up on the floor, small parts are easily lost, and it is probably not uncommon for you to spend a long time looking for the smallest thing. Not only does an unorganised warehouse make it extremely hard to keep track of your stock, but it can also have a devastating effect on your productivity.

Get the right type of shelving, racking and storage accessories and you could transform your warehouse into a streamlined system where items are easy to find and kept safe from damage.

Robust and durable steel shelving and racking can be provided in a range of sizes and levels so that you can design a shelving system to meet the dimensions of your warehouse. Making the most of your available height is also key to creating the perfect storage solution in small or busy warehouses.

Storage boxes and bins in varying sizes are great for housing small parts and loose items. Use them with lids and they can be stacked one on top of another to maximise your space. They are also great to use in a colour coded system for optimum organisation!

Designed to hold plastic pick bins of varying sizes they are perfect for storing small and loose items. You can choose to have the picking bins all the same size or mix and match sizes to suit the items you wish to store. 

Picking bins can also be stacked and stored on shelving too – ideal if employees are frequently having to ‘pop in’ to find items.

Once you have the right storage for your products, it is time to devise a clear storage system that makes it easy to pick items. Whether you choose an alphabetical or numerical system, it pays to label the shelves to enable personnel to clearly see what is stored on each level. 

ShelvingDirect’s® full range of warehouse shelving, racking and storage accessories can be found by browsing our website further. Alternatively, if you’d like specialist advise on a system to suit you and your requirements, call us on 0121 508 5877. If you’re working on a large project, we’d be delighted to visit your site and advise on the best, most cost-effective storage solutions.