Much like our range of steel shelving and racking, our steel lockers are strong, sturdy and reliable. Made from durable powder coated British steel, our lockers are built to last and will look great in any environment, for any application. If however they are not maintained properly, lockers will eventually show their age due to their high usage. So, if you want your steel lockers to carry on looking great and last for many years to come, we have a few tips to help you achieve this.

The ShelvingDirect® top tips for keeping lockers in pristine condition...

  • Keep them clean!

Wipe down any spills and clean off any marks both inside and out with a damp cloth, especially if any liquid has been splashed on them. Vacuum any dirt or grit that could scratch the surface from the bottom of the locker and on shelves. Regular cleaning keeps your lockers free from dust, grime and anything else that could cause damage to the powder coating. When cleaning, remember to use soft cloths only, and nothing with an abrasive nature such as a scouring pad or scrubbing brush – a microfiber cloth and some warm water is perfect.

  • A little lubrication goes a long way

Give hinges an occasional spray with a small amount of lubricant oil such as WD40 to keep them in tip top condition and to stop them squeaking. Remember to wipe any excess oil that drips down onto the surface of your lockers so that it doesn’t stain.

  • If your lockers get scratched, make sure the damage is dealt with as soon as possible

During daily use, it near impossible to prevent lockers from getting scratched. If scratches appear, sand down the area and apply touch-up paint. If scratches go untreated the bare metal could be subject to corrosion and the lockers will end up looking worn. 

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