Stockrooms are often unloved areas where just about anything that is not in regular use is dumped, often meaning that there is limited space to store your actual stock. However, you don’t need to be an interior designer to create a well-organised stockroom, or have a huge budget to transform this important space. By following our handy tips, improving your stockroom will be a piece of cake.

1. Invest in good quality shelving and racking that will last you for years to come. Steel shelving is available is a range of heights, depths and widths.  Medium duty shelving is perfect for storing items of 300kg per shelf and heavy duty shelving can hold up to an impressive 500kg per shelf. Look for British-made, as the quality will be far superior to cheap imported steel.

2. Make the most of your space.  Odd shaped walls or small recesses don’t have to be an obstacle. ShelvingDirect can provide low-cost bespoke shelving options that are made to fit your available space. Also, think about other storage options, such as rotary storage, lever arch filing racks, and corner storage units. Use plastic picking bins, which are available in various sizes to store small or loose items, and stacking and nesting containers for those larger items.

3. Label.  So you are not hunting around for ages for that one particular item, label all shelves, racks, boxes and picking bins so it’s always clear what is being stored in them.

4. Be ruthless.  If it’s broken or doesn’t work, throw it away. If you don’t use it anymore, sell it or donate it to a charity.

5. Think about the small things to further improve your stockroom experience:

  • A table. If you have space, think about adding a small table. You will find this very handy when you are carrying out a stock take.
  • Good lighting. Often stockrooms are windowless areas. Good lighting that provides light to all areas of the stockroom – even the back corner - will make it easy for you to find what you are looking for and made it a more productive, organised space.
  • Bins. You have spent time and energy tidying and sorting out your stockroom, so don’t forget a small bin so that rubbish doesn’t end up on the floor.
  • Step ladder. You may have used all available space efficiently and effectively, but don’t forget you will need to be able to reach the top shelf safely and standing on a chair isn’t the best option for your employees.

After following these tips, your stockroom will be an ordered and welcoming space where everything is easy to find. If you’d like further advise and support from the experts at ShelvingDirect, please call 0121 508 5877.