Be honest, how many wasted minutes – or even hours – have you spent searching for a particular file only to find it is at the bottom of a pile of paperwork that you have been meaning to organise, but can never find the time? You are certainly not alone. Hundreds of hours every week across the UK are wasted searching for paperwork, files etc. that could so easily be found if they were put away in an organised storage system.

Wouldn’t it be better, instead of searching, that you could actually get on with the work in hand straight away? This would reduce time wasted, therefore increasing productivity levels and certainly minimise frustrations! Even if space is at a premium in your office, there are many great office storage solutions that can help improve your productivity. These include:

  • Static shelving – shelving is available in a range of widths and heights, with adjustable shelves to house books, files and stationery.
  • Mobile shelving – where space is at a premium, mobile shelving uses half the floor space of static shelving.
  • Rotary storage units – a mobile storage system for files and box folders, a rotary storage system can be configured to give up to four tiers of storage while taking up very little floor space.
  • Corner storage units – these units will fit neatly into any wasted corner space and are perfect for holding ring binders.
  • Desktop storage units – if you do not have the floor space for a rotary unit, consider a desk mounted rotary or corner storage unit. These are perfect for storing those files and box folders that you need every day.

Once you have your storage sorted, it will take only moments to lay your hands on that all important file, saving you lots of time so you can concentrate on getting that urgent piece of work completed – or even take a lunch break... or leave on time! ShelvingDirect® manufacture a large range of office shelving and racking solutions that make the most of even the tiniest office space. Have a look at our wide range of products by browsing our website, or call today to speak to an expert by calling 0121 508 5877.