How many times have we seen on sketch shows on TV where someone has placed something much too heavy on shelving, only to see them collapse? But are you entirely sure that it won’t happen to you?

With cheap imported shelving made from inferior quality steel, this scenario could happen to anyone, anywhere.

If you want shelving that is so strong that it could hold a polar bear, then you need to look no further than British-made heavy duty shelving that is constructed using only 100% British steel. Costing less that you would think, ShelvingDirect®’s heavy duty shelving is built to last. It is safe, robust and can be supplied in an attractive powder coated finish so it will look good wherever you put it.

All too often, imported shelving can be thin and not suitable for purpose. Inferior quality products can twist and bend and collapse with only the smallest amount of items stored on them. So why put your own, and anybody else’s, safety at risk?

We can provide high quality, reliable shelving for both the home and business. Whether you require it for the office, garage, shed, workshop, warehouse, or industrial buildings, there is a shelving solution that is perfect for any location.

Available in a variety of sizes, heavy duty shelving can be designed to fit in any space. If you can’t find exactly what you need from our large selection, custom-made shelving solutions can produced to meet your exact specifications.

ShelvingDirect® manufactures heavy duty shelving, boltless steel shelving, workbenches, racking systems and accessories which are made from only the best quality material, supplied direct to you straight from our factory in Birmingham.