Often appropriated from another area of the business, workbenches used in garages, stockrooms, warehouses or distribution facilities are not always up to the job. Maybe you are using an old desk; it’s even possible that you are using a makeshift workbench using scaffolding planks and some breeze blocks... we’ve seen it all! Whatever you are using, there is one thing that can be guaranteed, when push comes to shove it won’t be able to stand up to heavy use.

Why not consider getting something that is purpose-made for the job?

Heavy duty workbenches made from 100% galvanised British steel are not only strong and robust, they are built to last. Unlike cheaper alternatives made from inferior low-budget steel, these workbenches won’t buckle or twist.

Our workbenches provide a large work area and are supplied with storage shelving underneath. They can even be supplied with louvre back panels which are designed to hold our range of plastic picking bins, so all of your components and parts are only an arm’s length away. With everything organised, your work area will become much more efficient and productive – and neater!

Heavy duty workbenches are supplied at a standard height of 937mm, however they are available with depths of 600mm and 900mm, various widths ranging from 1,500mm to 2,400mm, and with either 2 or 3 levels. This means that there is a size of workbench suitable for your needs.

But it is not only businesses that benefit from organisation. Usually the domain of the man of our households, the garage or home workshop (often disguised as a shed) can be a disorganised area where tools and garden equipment gather dust until they are needed. Just think how organised your work area will be with a heavy duty work bench. With the addition of plastic picking bins, once you have labelled them, all those bits and pieces you spend hours looking for will be right at your fingertips.

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