The old adage of getting what you pay for is particularly apt when it comes to purchasing shelving for your workshop, garage, greenhouse, warehouse or office. Although galvanised shelving made in the UK manufactured from British galvanised steel can be slightly more expensive than substandard equivalents imported from the Far East, you can be assured that they will be of the highest quality, durable and reliable.

There are several things that can be guaranteed when you buy British-made galvanised shelving, including:

  1. Value for money
  2. Well-made to the strictest quality standards
  3. Robust
  4. Safe
  5. Reliable
  6. Long-lasting

Imported steel shelving can often be flimsy which means that it can easily twist, bend and buckle, leading to the collapse of the shelving and damage to the items you are storing. Do you want to take that risk, or even worse risk an injury to you or your employees?

By spending just a little bit more, you can get galvanised shelving to meet your particular requirements. With lots of standard sizes of shelves from 900 to 2400mm high and 900 to 2400mm wide, there will be something to meet your needs. And if there isn’t, bespoke shelving can be made to your specifications.

All uprights and crossbeams are made with a minimum of 2mm galvanised steel and with a capacity of up to 500kg per level, heavy duty galvanised shelving can be provided to hold almost anything you need it to.

Galvanised steel is not only strong, it also offers great corrosion resistance, which means it keeps its good looks much longer than steel that has not been treated. Suitable for use where the shelves are subjected to moisture, condensation, damp or humidity, galvanised steel is corrosion-resistant and will continue to look as good as new for years to come.

ShelvingDirect® manufactures and supplies galvanised shelving made only from British Steel. Based in Birmingham, we are ideally located to deliver your order quickly, wherever you are in the UK. As well as shelving, we also supply racking systems, workbenches and a wide range of accessories.