Installation of custom galvanised shelving at Adam Ross Fabrics®

Adam Ross® ( is a premium online retailer of fabrics based in the UK offering a wide range of products including polyesters, georgette, velvet and chiffon fabrics. The company required a reliable shelving system made to a custom size. It was important that the shelving solution was robust enough to hold large quantities of material but did not damage or tear the fabic whilst in everyday use.

ShelvingDirect supplied Rax 1 heavy duty galvanised shelving engineered to bespoke sizes. Each unit featured 5 shelf levels. The bays were modified to include a 'stepped' cross beam and folded shelf edges to ensure that no snagging of the fabric occurred when fabric rolls are taken on and off the shelves. An Adam Ross® spokesperson praised the shelving saying, “We need the ability to quickly select specific rolls from the hundreds that are in stock. These shelves have proven to be the perfect solution... the build quality is superb and unlike most shelving we have seen, these have a smooth metal surface and so don’t damage the fabric rolls when they are taken off.”

  Galvanised heavy duty shelving

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