Boltless shelvingBespoke Rax 1 and Rax 2 boltless shelving for Plato Catering

Plato is a ground breaking catering and event equipment hire company delivering 1.5 million items each year throughout Warwickshire, Worcestershire, Gloucestershire, Oxfordshire, Staffordshire, Derbyshire and the West Midlands.

As a result of recent growth Plato is moving to new warehouse premises at Arden Industrial Estate in Alcester. In order to support its growth the company needed to design and fit efficient shelving systems for its new premises.

The company searched on line for a specialist storage solutions manufacturer and located ShelvingDirect. Following a site visit from ShelvingDirect’s Storage Systems Consultant, Ian Macgurk, ShelvingDirect designed a layout and recommended a product solution to meet Plato’s specific requirements. Plato selected a mix of ShelvingDirect’s Rax1 and Rax 2 painted heavy and medium duty hand-loaded shelving, all manufactured to a bespoke design, as pictured.

Rax 1 and Rax 2 shelving has been designed as a safe and robust means of providing hand-loaded storage for a variety of items such as catering utensils. Its boltless assembly makes it ideal for all types of light industrial and warehouse use. All the shelving was installed by ShelvingDirect and manufactured in the company's 50,000 sq ft manufacturing facility which is equipped with the latest steel conversion equipment.

Bespoke racking installation  Bespoke racking installation  Bespoke warehouse shelving

ShelvingDirect designed the layout, manufactured and installed all the shelving to order. The new warehouse now comprises 19 Rax 1 units each H2500 x W1200 x D900mm with 5 levels, and 5 Rax 2 units each H2000 x W1000 x D450mm with 9 levels. All supplied with bin fronts, solid backs and sides and finished in blue to provide the storage capacity to meet the demands of the growing business.

Lynn Kennedy, MD at Plato commented:
"Thank you very much for the superb job you did on the shelving at Plato."

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