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Why you should consider bespoke shelving

Many customers are frustrated by the limitations of off the shelf storage, but never think of looking for bespoke solutions. The main advantage of custom-built storage is that you can have it made in the shape you want to the specifications that you need.

When purchasing a bespoke shelving system, do not be afraid to offer suggestions or request unusual shapes for your storage solution, because after all, that is the meaning of bespoke. Sometimes not everything is possible, but here at Shelving Direct we will work closely with you to not only meet your needs, but hopefully exceed them!

Businesses that need to store their products in a very specific way often approach us for help and advice. For example, we dealt with one customer who needed batteries storing as close together as possible in order to conserve heat. Standard storage either left extra clearance or not enough space between the shelving. So we worked closely with them and manufactured storage to the exact specifications they needed; they are now able to operate more efficiently.

Another customer group often requiring a bespoke solution are people working from home and struggling to appear professional, especially when they are sat in their spare bedroom surrounded by mismatched office furniture and bad decor! It pays to get your home office working for you as it is a proven fact that a more organised workspace increases productivity. With so many distractions at home, you need your work space to be in line with your needs. At Shelving Direct we offer office storage solutions as standard, but with the limitations of your home office size, it would be worth getting in touch and talking us through the space and requirements you have so we can come up with the best solution for you.

Bespoke shelving is not just about awkward shaped rooms or wanting your storage to have a certain appearance, it can simply be about getting more! Are you tired of staring up at that hole between your current storage and ceiling that you just can’t utilise? Well what if you could? For businesses, cleverly gaining just that little bit more space can mean potential new customers for a product you couldn't offer before, and in homes it can provide that much needed extra storage space.

By tailoring the dimensions and specifications of our shelving components to fit your exact requirements, we can produce bespoke storage at an affordable price. We also offer a choice of colour options on larger orders, so your new storage can either blend in seamlessly with the current look of the room, or stand out from the crowd.

It's a lot cheaper than you might think! Call us now on 0845 194 7370 for a free, no obligation quote!