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Organising Your Warehouse or Stockroom

A well-organised warehouse or stockroom makes your business more efficient

Businesses of all kinds know that effective and efficient storage is vital to their success. Whether holding components, stock or archived materials, the ability to store and retrieve items quickly and easily saves time and money. In a busy factory or warehouse environment misplaced items can cause delays and this has a direct impact on productivity. Poorly kept stock is also a potential hazard in the workplace and exposes your business to unnecessary and serious risks.

When choosing a shelving solution, first measure the available floor space and take into consideration any height restrictions. Consider how easy it will be for you to access the shelving, particularly when using fork lift trucks, and ensure emergency exits are not compromised. Check that the floor will be strong enough to hold heavy loads.

Warehouse and stockroom heavy duty shelving comes is a variety of sizes, so choose bays which are wide and deep enough for your needs and check that items won't stick out from the shelves. When choosing a finish for the shelf levels, chipboard is durable but is more likely to be affected by liquid damage compared with steel shelves. Levels with a melamine finish can be a good solution if you need a smoother, less abrasive surface on which to store delicate or fragile items.

Lastly, select a shelving system that can be expanded as your needs grow. Extra shelf levels can be added to heavy duty shelving systems providing valuable extra capacity at a low cost. Whole bays can be linked together using joining plates, even if their sizes differ. If shelving units are to placed against a wall consider using anti-tip fixings to keep them securely in place.

Rax1 Heavy Duty Shelving - the ideal solution for your warehouse, stockroom or factory

For strong and reliable warehouse and factory racking there's no better solution that ShelvingDirect's Rax1 Heavy Duty Shelving. Built from 2mm guage steel and with extra-strong cross-beams, Rax1 can take loads of up to a massive 500kg UDL per shelf. With up to 4 levels available per bay, that's an amazing 2 tonnes capacity per unit.

Designed to be assembled using only a rubbet mallet, the boltless construction is simple but rigid. Manufactured to the highest standards, ShelvingDirect heavy duty industrial shelving and racking is available is a range of standard sizes to buy online, but we also make special sizes to order at very competitive prices.

Industrial Shelving Case Study

One of our customers needed to store paint at their manufacturing facility. Before they contacted us, the boxes were being stored loose on the floor, creating a hazard and making it difficult to find individual products.

Heavy duty and industrial shelving and racking


We supplied two bays of Rax1 Heavy Duty Shelving featuring four levels, each level holding up to 500kg. Despite the weight of the items stored, our heavy duty racking handled the job easily, keeping the customer's paint boxes well organised and freeing up valuable space on the factory floor. Add in the health and safety benefits and the ease in which paint could be accessed and the Rax1 Heavy Duty Shelving was the ideal solution.

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