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Ideal shed shelving solutions

When the clocks go forward in spring, it’s not just a sign that winter’s officially over. It’s a timely reminder to get your garden ready for those longer, lighter evenings of alfresco entertainment. A signal to spruce up your ‘great outdoors’; put up the parasol and grab the garden furniture from the shed.

And while your shed enjoys a rare breather from ‘bursting at the seams’ mode, why not take the opportunity to add some efficient storage solutions - and make your shed every bit as neat and tidy as your precisely mowed lawn? After all, when summer’s been and gone, you’ll have to put everything back in its place - and that’s a task made much easier by some proper shed shelving solutions.

To help you out, here is our pick of the finest shed shelving and workshop shelving products from our range…

With even our smallest medium-duty steel shelving units capable of bearing a 100kg load weight per shelf, they should be more than sufficient for storing even the biggest bag of compost you can lay your hands on! If you need to store tools and perhaps furniture on your shelves too though, you may want to invest in a larger unit (offering max load weights of 300kg) or even look at our heavy duty shelving units which can carry up to 500kg per shelf.

With up to six shelves per unit, which can be easily reconfigured using nothing more than a rubber mallet, the Rax systems are flexible enough to provide a fantastic versatile shed shelving solution. And because you can join two units together with these simple tie-plates, they’re easy to scale up when your collection of garden gear... grows.

Garden sheds can be damp environments, susceptible to the elements via the rain-soaked sun-loungers that seek refuge there in a sudden summer downpour! It’s therefore very important to protect vulnerable items (packets of seeds for example) by storing them away in proper containers.

Plastic Euro Boxes are perfect for the job in this environment, offering better protection than cardboard archive boxes - which could themselves fall victim to the rain!

If you prefer a more methodical approach to storing your seeds, take a look at our wall-mounted tilt bins. They feature up to nine neat compartments, each of which can be individually labelled.


With your shed soon to be a shining example of great garden storage, you might just have enough room to make it a more practical space. Why not turn it into your very own workshop with the addition of a heavy-duty workbench? Available in a variety of sizes, these workbenches can be fitted with a louvre back panel and pick-bins, providing easy access to bolts, screws, or whatever else you need to aid your creative endeavours!

All that’s left then is to spruce up the garden itself... and while we can’t claim to be green-fingered experts ourselves, you’ll find plenty of companies who are at It’s a directory full of approved businesses and products that can help you transform your home inside and out. Good luck!