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How to Assemble Industrial Shelving

With our guidance, the assembly of boltless industrial shelves from ShelvingDirect is easy, and taking just 10 minutes to complete, your industrial shelving units will be ready for use before you know it!  



1. When your industrial shelving pack arrives, you should first take all the components of your shelving unit out of the box and arrange them in the order of assembly, paying reference to the instructions provided. You will also need a rubber-head mallet for the assembly of your shelving unit.

  2. You will find four high impact plastic feet as part of the components laid out, which you should start by attaching to the individual uprights, which will form the height of your shelving unit.

  3. Once these are attached, lay any two of the four uprights on the floor, parallel to one another and attach a side beam for each level, spaced apart as required. These will mark the levels that each of your shelves will sit. The lowest level shelf should be no more than 18 inches (450mm) from the floor or the stability of the unit may be compromised.

  4. Once you are happy with this, repeat step 3 with the remaining two uprights, ensuring that the beam spacing on both pairs is identical.

  5. You should now have two matching pieces resembling ladders which will form the sides of your industrial shelving unit. These can now be attached together, forming the width of the unit, using the main beams provided. It is important that these are attached at the same levels marked out by the side beams.

  6. If your industrial shelving unit is more than 1.5 metres wide, you will find that you have centre support beams in your components pack. Add one centre beam on each level to ensure the strength and stability of your industrial shelving unit.

  7. Now that the metal framework is complete, it is time to add the chipboard shelves, building them from the bottom up for ease of positioning. Once your shelves are in place, your industrial shelving unit is finished and ready for use!

Finally, you can stack your industrial shelving unit with the items requiring storage. Please ensure that your loads are evenly distributed and not overloaded. If you require any further advice about the assembly of Shelving Direct products or loading restrictions, please call 0845 194 7370 (Mon–Fri 08.00 to 17.30) or