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Garage shelving design ideas

There’s a fine line between a ‘treasure trove’ and a ‘dumping ground’ – and it’s a line trodden by many a domestic garage. Often carrying the burden of storage for a home, garages gradually fill up over the years with garden equipment, tools, and boxes of belongings you’re never quite ready to throw away – which makes storing everything neatly and safely something of an art form.

Below are some garage shelving design ideas to help you maximise storage space, and to keep your garage well and truly on the ‘treasure trove’ side of the divide:

  Line the walls

Wall mounted storage units are great for storing small items without using up any valuable floor space. Position them above the height of your car, and you can win extra space that just wouldn’t be possible with standalone units. Take these tilt storage bins for example - wall mountable, with clear plastic hinged containers that allow you to separate out small parts and components and keep them visible at all times.

Louvre panels are another, similar solution. They are wall-mounted steel panels to which you can clip plastic pick bins - great for providing easy access to the bits and bobs you use on a regular basis. Of course, you could also wall-mount shelves, but it’s worth remembering that you’ll only be able to keep relatively light items on there. That’s why, space permitting, it’s important to compliment wall-mounted solutions with plenty of heavy duty shelving and racking too.

  Heavy Duty garage storage

Heavy duty racking and shelving units are ideal for the heavier items you store in your garage – things like paint pots, tools or your mower. The easy-to-assemble units (our Rax shelving systems are entirely boltless) come in all manner of sizes, but where floor space is at a premium, it’s a good idea to use the full height of your garage and opt for the tallest unit you can fit. This six-shelf unit scales 2.4m in height.

Typically, garages have more room at the back than at the sides once your car is parked, so make the most of the back wall and run shelving units right the way from side to side - leaving wall-mounted solutions for the side walls. Not just a practical solution, our Rax shelving units can also bring a splash of colour to a garage (which, believe it or not, doesn’t have to be dark and gloomy!). The units are available in blue and orange, and blue and white.

  Full garage fit-out

Given the wide range of garage shelving design ideas available, finding the right balance and the right fit can be a challenge. So it’s worth remembering that Shelving Direct can create shelving to order, and can even design and fit out your garage from scratch thanks to our bespoke shelving service.

As part of the bespoke service, you’d receive expert advice and pre-installation visits, before our in-house design team got to work on creating the ideal storage solution for your needs.

Find out more about our bespoke shelving service, or contact us on 0845 194 7370 to discuss any of the products featured in this article.