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Garage storage ideas - maximise storage in your garage

The quest for clean, contemporary designer living means ‘clutter’ is outlawed in many a modern home. But with storage space often at a premium inside the home, it’s usually left to the garage to host the hoard of items that don’t quite make it onto display.

Alongside all those household hand-me-downs, your garage also needs to find room for garden equipment, tools and outdoor furniture (not to mention your vehicle) - so maximising garage storage through smart garage shelving and racking is an absolute must. Here we’ve compiled a few garage storage ideas to help you make the most of your storage space, and keep your home looking spick and span as a result:

Pack to the rafters

Do you have open rafters (wooden beams) at the top of your garage? If so, they provide a golden opportunity to add more storage space. Fit some boards across the joists, and you’ll have effectively created a split-level garage. Just make sure you use the new ‘top floor’ for lighter items that will be easy to bring down, and won’t put too much strain on the floorboards. It’s a great place to store old documents or household items in archive boxes for instance.

Even if you don’t have that extra space to play with, the principle of getting your storage solutions off the ground remains the same. You could fit a wall-mounted bike rack, for example - to help get at least one big and bulky item off the floor and create more room for free-standing garage shelving.

You can also use wall-mounted garage storage like tilt bins and louvre panels, which are ideal for keeping small components together – and save you bending down every time you need to grab them.

Maximise your shelving

If you’ve only got floor space for one garage shelving unit, make the most of it by going ‘heavy duty’. Our heavy duty Rax 1 shelving systems can carry up to 500kg of evenly distributed weight on each shelf – and even if you don’t need all of that strength straight away, it does help to future proof your garage as you accumulate more and more items. The units come in various sizes, so measure up and get one that spans almost all the way from floor to ceiling (again to make the most of the space at head height). The taller the unit, the more you’ll be able to space out the shelves - which will help if you want to load large items like your mower on there.

Open new doors

The confined nature of a garage means that even the smallest extra space can make a surprisingly big difference. For that reason, if you have a lot to fit into your garage, it might be worth changing your garage door. Sectional garage doors slide up alongside the ceiling when they open, allowing you to park your car closer to the door - therefore creating extra storage space at the opposite end of the garage. Enough space, perhaps, for a garage shelving unit with deeper shelves - which can add considerable capacity and take some of the strain from your other storage solutions.

For more advice on garage storage or any of the products featured in this guide, just give us a call on 0845 194 7370.