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Choosing the Right Garage Shelving

Garages can be used for various purposes from car parking spaces to games rooms, but most commonly in the UK garages are used for storage. For that reason, lots of people install shelving in their garages in order to optimise the wall space they have and organise their items.

ToolboxOften the items that are stored in garages are heavy in nature, so it is important that the garage shelving you choose has the correct load per shelf capability for your needs.

When choosing your garage shelving, you will not only need to consider the height, width and depth of units, but also take note of the uniformly distributed load (UDL) per shelf. You need to ensure that the shelving units you choose will physically fit into your garage, and have the shelf space and strength required for holding your items in storage.

You can easily attain your garage dimensions through physically measuring your space or re-visiting homeowner documents, however considering the UDL you will need can be more tricky. Very few of us have large, commercial scales at home and its unlikely that you will have the time or desire to weigh the contents of your garage one by one using only the bathroom scales, so we’ve compiled a list of popular garage items and their average weights to help you to estimate the load per shelf that you need.

  2.5 litre tin of paint 3.5 kg each     Bag of rock salt or grit 20 kg
  Decorating brushes & rollers 1.25 kg     Hosepipe 4.7 kg
  Small steel toolbox with tools 15 kg     Sports equipment 3 kg
  Power tools 2 kg each     Camping equipment 12 kg
  Screws, nuts and bolts 1 kg     Outdoor toys and games 0.75 kg
  5 litre bottle of cleaning fluid 5 kg     Car accessories and fluids 20 kg
  Gardening tools & equipment 4 kg     Gas canister 15 kg

Garage shelving from Shelving Direct offers great value UK manufactured shelving that can hold up to a 500kg uniformly distributed load (UDL) per shelf dependent on your needs. The total load that your unit can hold when evenly distributed can also be increased or decreased to suit your needs by choosing between 3 or 6 shelving levels.


For example, if you store lots of decorating and DIY equipment and need shelving to hold eight tins of paint (8 x 3.5 kg = 28 kg), a box of paintbrushes and rollers (1.25 kg), screws (1 kg) and 3 power tools (3 x 2 kg = 6 kg), this is a total weight of 36.25 kg. To keep your decorating and DIY equipment together on one shelf, you would need a UDL of 100kg.

If you require any further help and advice to ensure you choose the right garage shelving unit for you, please call 0845 194 7370 or email