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When to choose galvanised shelving and racking

Standard powder coated steel shelving is a great solution for many storage applications, but in some cases a more durable finish is required. In areas where moisture, damp or humidity is a problem, painted steel shelving isn't always the best option.

Standard painted racking is not the best choice for greenhouse storage, for example, since it offers only barrier-layer protection on the surface of the steel. If there's no abrasion of the finish, powder coating can last a very long time, but if the surface becomes damaged and the steel exposed, it can rapidly rust.

As an alternative, a galvanised steel shelving unit can cope with many years of tough exposure. The galvanisation process involves coating the steel with a layer of zinc which forms a highly-durable finish that is widely used in industrial and commercial applications, as well as for domestic garden storage, greenhouse racking, cold store shelving and garage shelving.

The durable finish of galvanised shelving is ideal for storing items containing liquids, or those that may be greasy or damp. Rooms where condensation is a problem are also ideally suited to a galvanised shelf finish.

So, when choosing racking for greenhouses, cold stores and partly-covered outdoor areas, you should consider galvanised steel shelving or racking. The unpainted finish looks great and is a better option than powder coated shelving if there is a risk of chipping or scratching of the paint in everyday use.

ShelvingDirect's range of galvanised medium duty shelving and galvanised heavy duty racking has been designed to hold loads of up to 300kg and 500kg per shelf respectively, and is easily assembled with just a rubber mallet. Available in a range of sizes, our galvanised shelving range can be seen here.

For help with choosing the right storage solution for you, contact us on 0121 508 5877 where we will be happy to offer free advice.