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Shelving Solutions - 10 places where ShelvingDirect shelves can be used

Choosing the right shelving for a specific use and environment is a decision that should not be taken lightly, as the use of inadequate products can be dangerous, costly and in some cases result in damage to your stock. At ShelvingDirect we offer a range of high quality storage solutions to cater for a wide variety of requirements; outlined below are 10 examples of environments where our shelves can be utilised.


Office shelving is an essential requirement for most places of work due to the constant need for the storage of items such as files, books and stationery. However, when space comes at a premium you want the shelving selected for your office to be efficient, strong and perhaps most importantly, long lasting. Cheaper office shelving that is manufactured from less robust materials should be avoided as it can wear and break more easily over time. Instead it is advisable to buy high quality and durable office shelving that will stand the test of time. Our office shelving has been manufactured with these qualities in mind and is ideally suited for office use.


Effective and efficient warehouse storage is vital to the success of many businesses, with the ability to store and retrieve items quickly saving both time and money. When looking to buy a shelving or racking system for a warehouse, a compromise should not be made on quality. If cheaper, low quality shelving is purchased, they can bow over time under the weight of stock, resulting in more money being spent on replacement shelving systems. It is also wise to ensure that the shelves can hold the weight of your stock. ShelvingDirect’s Rax 1 Heavy Duty Shelving can hold up to 500kg on each shelving layer and can be tailormade to suit the exact measurements of your warehouse.


Shelving offers a great way to organise and make the most out of garage space. However, items stored in this environment are often heavy, so it is important to consider the load per shelf capacity when purchasing racking for a garage. We have created a list of items common to this area which should help you estimate the load per shelf that should be stored. Also, make sure when selecting shelving that it is manufactured from quality materials that are strong and will last. At ShelvingDirect, we manufacture garage shelving specifically designed to fulfil this purpose; boasting both strength and durability.


Classroom shelving needs to be strong, robust and hardwearing as it will be used to store items such as stationery, textbooks, and folders that will be used and replaced regularly. It also needs to warrant its price tag, offering good value for the service it will provide. However, the error of selecting cheaper shelving that is made from materials that may degrade over time should never be made, as it will prove costly in the long run when the original shelves have to be replaced. Instead, if you invest in high quality classroom shelving you will be rewarded in the years that follow.


Most workshops make use of heavy duty shelving to optimise the space needed to store various parts and components. Shelving systems installed in these environments help aid productivity and efficiency, as specific items can be found quickly and easily. When looking to buy shelving for a workshop, consideration should be paid towards bespoke shelving which can best optimise the space that is available. The materials that a shelf is manufactured from should also be considered, as many of the items stored in this area may be heavy and therefore require a stronger solution. ShelvingDirect’s Heavy Duty Shelving can cater for heavy parts and components, being able to hold up to 500kg per shelf.


Sheds are often small, yet usually full of various tools and gardening equipment. This type of environment is the perfect place to install a racking or storage solution. Investing in shed shelving will allow you to find items more easily, create more space and keep things tidy. ShelvingDirect’s Rax Value Steel Shelving is ideal for shed storage as it is competitively priced, but still strong and reliable.


A book may not seem very heavy, but when 500 are stored on a shelf the weight starts to add up. Therefore, library shelves need to be strong and durable; if a shelf were to give way and collapse this could pose considerable danger to those nearby. When looking to buy library shelving these factors should be taken into consideration and a strong, high quality shelving solution should be sought after. The British Standard Clad Triple Shelving Bay is a strong shelving system well suited to hold library books.


When products are manufactured, then packaged ready to be sent for retail they often have to be stored on site before they can be sent to a warehouse or storeroom. On-site storage has to make the most efficient use of space possible, optimising what little space is available. When looking to purchase an onsite storage solution ensure that the shelves can hold the weight of the required stock. ShelvingDirect’s industrial shelving can hold up to 500kg per shelf and can also be specifically manufactured to suit a particular storage need.


Racking suited to sports halls, sport clubs and games pavilions offers an effective way  to store a variety of sports equipment. Facilitating this type of storage will make finding equipment easier and can help avoid the loss of any smaller items. ShelvingDirect’s Rax Value Steel Shelving is well suited to sports storage, offering good value for money and a strong and reliable shelving system.


Stockrooms need to make efficient use of space and be well organised so that items can be found quickly with minimal hassle. Stock room shelves also need to be strong so that they can hold a variety of products that may be reasonably heavy. It makes sense to invest in strong, high quality shelving when purchasing racking for a stock room, as the overall weight of items you are shelving may fluctuate over time. When looking to purchase stockroom shelving it is also wise to pay consideration to bespoke shelving, which can be tailor made to the measurements of a stock room, optimising the space available.

If you would like advice on the shelving system that would best suit your requirements, please do not hesitate to contact one of our shelving specialists, please call 0845 194 7370 (Mon–Fri 08.00 to 17.30) or